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Turtle Creek Golf Course

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Turtle Creek Golf Course has been given 4 1/2 stars by Golf Digest Best Places to Play!

Over 6000 courses in North America were evaluated and Turtle Creek was one of only 2 courses in the area to receive this honor!

Golf Digest says:
- This track has "the best turf of any course in the northeast," according to one reader.
- Turtle Creek is a "challenging course" with "great fairways" and "huge greens."
- It's a "course any golfer would enjoy playing."
- "Playable for the average golfer.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer never played Turtle Creek Golf Course...but his presence is felt here everyday. Arnold changed the way we play, enjoy and think about golf. He came along when watching golf was maybe not the most exciting thing to do...and he changed it all. Energized it...made it fun and most of all...he made it accessible for everyone. Turtle Creek is a challenging course, but we have people of all skill levels play here and we are proud to have the Spring Ford Golf Team call us their home course. The Golf Channel is now a staple in our clubhouse...he was responsible for creating it. Really hard to believe there was a time before it! The golf world lost a great man on Sunday...but even if you never played the game, people instinctively knew who he was and that he was a "good" guy. So on behalf of everyone here at Turtle Creek Golf Course, thank you Mr. Palmer for choosing this game to play and love...we are better because of you.